We breathe life into architectural visions through creative brand development, the art of animation, hyper realistic 3D visualization and virtual reality experiences.  After all, seeing is believing. Our vision – to constantly see what others don’t, bringing innovative architectural experiences to a global audience.

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Working with Think3D is always a pleasure. They have an innate understanding of what is required and are constantly up to date with the latest 3D software. The quality of their portfolio speaks for itself.

Paolo Deliperi, Architect, Cape Town, South Africa

Corné is a great visualiser and full of energy and commitment in opening up new areas for collaboration.

Marcus Beale, Architect, London, UK

All of us at VDMMA can wholeheartedly recommend Corné von Bratt and Think3D, a superb team of 3D architectural visualisation specialists. Technically highly skilled and accurate, they produce excellent quality visuals with good detail and light quality. However, most importantly, they are wonderful to work with – calm, helpful and professional – particularly when working under pressure to meet the usual frantic deadlines.

Anya van der Merwe, VDMMA, Cape Town, South Africa

Virtual Reality is Here
Experiencing is Believing

What is Virtual Reality (VR)?

Virtual reality is the term used to describe a three-dimensional, computer-generated environment which can be actively explored and interacted with by its user. That person is almost able to suspend belief and accept it as a real environment, as he is immersed in this virtual world.

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We bring you a bespoke, fully immersive multi-functional sales app, specifically designed for property developers and architects. It works just like a brochure, but it’s always in your pocket. The ThinkVR app incorporates virtual reality and 360 degree touch mode functionality.

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How VR instantly adds value

A growing number of architects, property developers and engineers are finding the use of experiential material essential in bringing their ideas to life, and therefore the use of VR has become a vital tool in the design process, to get their clients saying “Yes!”
VR is an immediate immersive experience that captures the feeling of space that you want to promote or sell. This allows you and your client to truly engage with your products and services, whether it is the pitch of a new project, the selling of a new development, or gaining valuable exposure in the architectural industry.
The VR experience instantly builds trust and credibility due to its engaging relationship with the client - and that sells.

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Architecture in Motion
Ignite your Vision

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Motion evokes Emotion. For a complete architectural marketing solution, we assist you guide your client to visualise not only your design, project or marketing campaign, but to go on a tour through and around it in its entirety.
This option is highly responsive, designed to evoke emotion and a sense of connectivity, and provide your client with high level detail. Let us tell your story through the medium of film and animation.