World’s Tallest Bridge Reaches Completion in China

Think3DLab’s founder Corné has always had a strong desire to create photorealistic architectural visualisations of bridges, but we are yet to receive that brief!   So it was with great interest this week to hear the news of the World’s tallest bridge completing construction.  Hanging over 1,800 feet above the Beipan river, the Beipanjiang Bridge is expected to make travel from the Guizhou to Yunnan provinces nearly twice as fast.  It is said that the combined population of these two provinces is considerably more than that of the UK. Therefore, the design and construction of this bridge will assist people from these provinces to easily access Hangzhou, a Chinese hub of industry and commerce.

The two edges of the impressive bridge were linked on Saturday, allowing the structure to become China’s highest bridge. The bridge spans 2,362 feet between mountains, 1,854 feet above the Beipan River.
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View the fascinating time lapse footage of the bridge’s final moments of construction below: