California: Thomas Heatherwick & Bjarke Ingels Google HQ Design Collab

Two of today’s most high profile designers, Danish Ingels, and British Heatherwick,  recently revealed their collaboration for Google’s new headquarters in California.  The must watch, inspiring video below reveals the essence of their design for the vast 316,000 metre masterplan, and their desire for the new development to become a piece of architecture that seamlessly blends with the environment in which it nestles into.

The emphasis is very much upon bringing a community element to the life of the internet giant’s offices, and taking the current trend for combining indoors with outdoors to the lives of those that work in the area, and the nature that “inhabits” the area, from owls habitats to riverbeds…

“Instead of constructing immoveable concrete buildings, the proposal comprises lightweight block structures which can be moved to accommodate for future use. Large translucent canopies cover each site, controlling the internal climate while letting in daylight and ventilation. a variety of trees, cafés, and bike paths weave their way through these structures, dissolving the boundaries between the built and natural environment.” Reference Design Boom  ….Read more about this ambitious new project here.