Architect Marc Kushner talking about why we will shape the buildings of the future…

The studio recently watched a Ted Talk featuring the architect Marc Kushner, talking about the influence architecture has on everyone in the world today.  We were especially interested to hear Marc go on to discuss the importance of the new digital era that has given more power to people to shape the built environment in which they live,  thus creating better architecture, and in turn better cities and ultimately a better world.

The sphere of work created within the Think3D studio directly supports this new media, with the application of photorealism creating a vision that people can more easily understand and relate to.

We ourselves are seeing how this imagery is consistently being used across social media, sales and marketing and beyond, exposing new architecture to people and communities globally,  thus encouraging an exchange of views and debate around the built environment of the future in which they live.  We are excited to be a part of the new generation of visual communication, creating the essential language that architects, designers, developers and engineers have become so accustomed to.

Watch the full Ted Talk here.