Architectural visualisation in Real Time


If placing humans into isolation is a disaster, then technology is the hero that has saved the day. From every sphere of life, people are more comfortable with tech than ever before.

Digitisation has become an ever-expanding invitation for civilisation to think about changing the ordinary. For us, that is the exciting business of seeing how the current market demands that architectural visualisation tools are powerfully combined into Real Time selling opportunities.    

So What is ‘Real Time’ Architectural Visualisation?

In short, Real Time creates fully immersive virtual buying experiences that include the interactive, personal touch of a sales agent throughout the process. It’s a giant leap from the Virtual Tour revolution and while it can include Virtual Reality, it is different.

Thanks to well-timed, software advancements of the past few years, Real Time is more accessible and surprisingly affordable.

By using a combination of film, CGI’s, Real Time and other cutting edge architectural technology tools and latest conference software, a potential buyer does not need much more than a computer screen and robust internet connection to visit their unbuilt home and engage with a sales agent at the same time.  

Besides the convenience of doing all this from anywhere in the world, this is why we believe Real Time is captivating ThinkLab’s clients:

How Real Time Engages the New Information-Upfront Buyer

More and more of today’s consumers are done with that good old ‘Contact Us for More Information’ button. Anecdotal evidence suggests that we are dealing with the ‘Information-Upfront-Buyer’.

Presenting a property digitally places everything in one place for a buyer. The concept of ‘upfront engagement’ means that even before they make an appointment to your virtual showroom in Real Time, 60-70% of their decision making should have already been done.

The Future of Sales Centres  

For the state-of-the-art sales centre, Real Time allows for a simple Virtual Reality plug-in at no extra cost. Buyers can make an appointment to enjoy the full benefits of a VR experience through a pair of goggles without setting foot on a building site.

First Impressions Are Still Powerful

The results of Real Time are product presentations that are slick, new and fresh. Breaking out of traditional technology, provided you have the talent and resources to make that happen, means that you have the opportunity to create mind-blowing photo-realistic impressions for your clients. As a first impression, there are solutions in Real Time that are hard to beat.   

The Psychology Behind a Virtual Experience

The power behind virtual experiences on the brain is becoming widely recognised as a psycho-therapy tool where evidence suggests that if you have been there virtually, well then you’ve been there. This means that unbuilt dreams are becoming a reality before one brick is laid or one mile is travelled. Evidence is mounting that buyers are more likely to commit to a project these days that they have never experienced.   


For some time, property industry rhetoric has seen the disintermediation of the sales agent in the digital process as a risk. The argument has been that the transaction of buying and selling a home is an emotional one. Buyers want to imagine themselves in the space, they want to ask hyper-specific questions regarding the sale, the space and its surroundings.  Real-Time, not only allows the engagement of the sales agent throughout the experience but also invites the buyer to personally style the unit by choosing their finishes as they walk through the property. 

The experience is saved, and the potential buyer walks away with a film that shows their friends and family exactly what their stylised unit will look like.  

Finally, taking bets on the future is one of the things that should be part of the job description of the savvy visualisation artist. For those whose talent matches a hunger for forward-momentum, Real-Time is no longer on the horizon, it is a very achievable answer to the sales conundrums of our industry today.   

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