Property marketing insight starts with one key ingredient – collaboration. In a world where virtual engagement to market and sell property is a firm reality, tech excellence and quality digital art that is devoid of key insights into both the buyer persona, as well as the modus operandi of sales teams can derail even the most impressive looking campaigns.

Integrated Processes Transfer Real Estate Evidence into Real Estate Dreams

It is with this in mind that ThinkLab believes that investing in considerable collaboration time to partner with development and sales teams, through a fully integrated process that transfers current real estate evidence into the art of real estate dreams.

The global digital transformation market, which was valued at USD 234.38 billion in 2019, and is expected to reach a total of USD 7.8 trillion by 2024 means that digitally-driven, marketing campaign tools are integral to the property developer’s campaign. But without the depth of insight that only their on-the-ground operational insight can supply to the creation of marketing tools, and without the confident implementation of these tools, a campaign risks the hazards of financial and reputational collapse. In this space, collaboration is more than a buzzword –  it’s the make, or the break.

Every Property Marketing Campaign Has a Unique Language

But this isn’t all. Marketing insight in a virtually-engaging world means more than just supplying quality campaign tools that provide first-impression buyer confidence that the product will deliver, it also means that sales agents know how each tool fits together to speak the campaign’s unique language.

Marketing On Its Own Will Not Sell a Property

As creatives for the unbuilt environment, the architectural rendering company can no longer produce world-class digital art to simply drop onto the client’s desk. Unfortunately, this is how the best campaign ideas in the world can get lost in transition.

Today, it is the point at which the collaborative team understands that they are not only investing in CGI’s, film, animation, VR, and branding, but also in several, critical insights. It is when cognition around buyer persona, the real estate market segment, the location, and the geopolitical and social landscape of the day, click into a unique campaign language that causes the magic to happen. This where the power of virtual engagement through an architectural rendering company is truly made possible. 

So then, how do you ensure that your architectural visualisation or architectural rendering company is delivering art with insight, and providing you with the right tools to engage with your clients virtually, yet meaningfully?

Here are just some of the metrics that work for the ThinkLab teams.

7 Questions to Challenge Insight-Driven Architectural Visualisation

  1. Are we allowing you to challenge our thinking, while yours in turn is challenged?
  2. As a team, are we interrogating the creative every step of the way?   
  3. How much time is being spent researching the buyer persona?
  4. Are we selling a dream or simply supplying information?
  5. Does our marketing and your information mirror each other to ensure that our content speaks to each other?
  6. Have we adapted your language to the virtual world, or are you stuck in 2019?
  7. Do our architectural visualisation tools allow your buyer to engage with your product?

It’s an exciting space.

In the past two years, we have seen a significant increase in the virtual buying and selling of property, including a marked adoption from the older generation. This leaves little room for doubt that scepticism towards the virtual purchase of the majority of people’s most valuable asset, property, has been replaced with a growing trust.

For us, property marketing means much more than just providing virtually engaging CGI’s. It’s about the insight and the holistic approach to property marketing that enables us to create  integrated campaigns that drive virtual engagement. This is important because even in a virtual world, the buying and selling of property will always be driven by emotion, which means that we must always methodically combine both real estate science and art to create the dream.

This is our mission, talk to us if we can help to make it yours.

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