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Do I need a 3D visualisation company?

This is an important question for any architect or property developer to ask.  Architectural visualisation has become a dominant factor in property marketing.  It is also an indispensable design tool for architects and interior designers.  In this blog post we will be looking at what your specific needs are and what the benefits of using 3D visualisation would be to you.  We will also be looking at the costs and whether they outweigh the benefits, as well as the question of which type of architectural visualisation would be best suited to your needs.

What is 3D or architectural visualisation?

You read our previous blog post What is architectural visualisation? where we answer this question in full.

What are your specific needs and how can 3D visualisation benefit you?

  • If you need material for property marketing purposes, then renderings are definitely a good choice.  Architectural visualisation is dramatically transforming real estate marketing.  Most potential real estate buyers find it difficult to understand a space from architects plans and models, so the use of 3D visualisation is decisive in giving your company the edge on competitors who do not.  The immersive digital experiences that it offers enables that person to fully appreciate every aspect of their future space – and to get emotionally fired up about it.  From a marketing perspective, this is vitally important in making a sale.

  • If you are an architect or interior designer architectural visualisation can be an invaluable design tool, helping you to make important design decisions, experiment with various design options, and share these visions with your clients.

  • If you are a property developer the use of 3D visualisation as a design tool is equally valuable, since you can be intimately involved with the design process at every stage, understanding the proposed spaces more fully than you would by looking at plans, elevations and architectural models. This hands-on approach can save you a significant amount of money by enabling you to intervene timeously to correct any issues in order to maintain your vision for the project.  You can control the whole process far more effectively and be assured that your project is on track earlier in the process.
  • Architectural visualisation provides property developers with a clear visual solution to present their property development plans to investors and pass through local councils.

How do the costs weigh up against the potential benefits?

  • The cost of 3D visualisation can vary considerably, depending on who you use.  Some of the most established companies might seem more expensive, but it’s helpful to ask the question: “how much money do I stand to make if the quality of the renderings persuades the client to buy?”  
    You will find that, generally, the extra money spent on hiring a high quality firm is repaid many times over by the financial reward of a successful property deal.  A deal that has become tainted because of cheap and amateurish visualisations can be a costly setback.  Bearing this in mind, ensure that the price of the visualisations fits into your overall budget and choose the firm accordingly.

  • When the market is tough and buyers are hard to find, you do not need the added stress of uncertainty about whether or not you will find buyers for your project.  Spending that extra bit of money (relative to the overall costs of the project) on a really good professional team has the added benefit of giving you peace of mind, knowing that your marketing campaign will be using the most persuasive visualisation technology available, and in the right combination.

  • If you, as an architect or designer, are planning to use architectural visualisation as a design tool, you need to weigh up the financial rewards of a truly successful project against the additional costs of visualisation. In calculating this you also need to factor in the overall long-term rewards of an enhanced professional reputation within your industry.
  • The feedback loop created by architectural visualisation can improve the final design of a building considerably, bringing your vision to full realisation.  The added financial rewards of a more successful project therefore, would outweigh the additional costs by far.

What type of 3D visualisation would be best suited to your needs?

If you are a property developer, there are several types to choose from, using in isolation or as part of a holistic property marketing campaign.  They are:

  • Still renderings. These are standard for the real estate industry and highly effective. If your project has a relatively small budget, then this is the ideal marketing tool.
  • Virtual Reality. This immersive experience makes clients feel that they are actually inside their future property. Architectural ideas can be presented in the best possible way, giving you the edge on a competitor who only uses still renderings.

  • Animation. Not only does it give the client a complete understanding of the architectural spaces, landscaping and environment, but, as with any movie, the director has complete creative control.  Soundtrack, live action inserts, branding graphics and storytelling combine with animation to achieve the ultimate marketing tool.

  • Augmented reality is an interactive experience using technology that superimposes a computer-generated image on a user’s view of the real world. This allows a potential buyer to, for example, stand in front of the actual site where the future home or building will be and view the building as it would look in its real environment.  AR provides the client with an enthralling experience that has immense value in today’s marketing.

  • Realtime Renderings. The rendering time of these animations is so short that they seem to be generated instantaneously – in real time. Unlike animation, the viewer has total freedom to experience the architecture as he or she wants to.  As a design tool, it has unprecedented potential.  Realtim gives both the architect and the developer a completely immersive experience of the project, thereby providing the ideal platform for realistic and well-considered feedback, which is the backbone of a sound design process.

And finally …

Whether you are a property developer, and architect or an interior designer, consider making architectural visualisation a fundamental element in your marketing strategy as well as your design process. Architectural marketing has changed – it’s a powerhouse that has the backing of modern disruptive and immersive technologies, and is transforming the real estate industry.

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